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Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is simply a system and application of technology for the transmission of voice communications over IP networks, like the Internet. The basic components include voice data, Internet Protocol (IP) address and port, plus protocol specifications for enabling voice communication. Voice over Internet Protocol service providers provide the means for transferring voice and audio communication over a network of broadband Internet connections. The VoIP service provider uses a high-speed Internet connection to transmit the data, resulting in very low data rates. The major benefits of voice over IP service are:

Voice over Internet Protocol phone services are offered by local phone companies, Internet Phone Service Providers and hosted phone providers. A hosted phone service may be provided by an individual or company. Hosted phone services are based on the concept that multiple users can share a common server to implement voice, messaging and file sharing applications. This reduces the infrastructure costs, which helps to bring down the cost of the service.

There are various providers who offer voice and IP services, including Vonage, phone, Opex VoIP, ipport, and many more. The service providers offer VoIP phone services that incorporate VoIP technology with traditional lines. Some examples are Vonage, which provides hosted phone service; ipport, which provide Internet Phone services and traditional lines; PhoneX, which provide international calling; and Opex VoIP, which offer IP Telephony. This article presents an in-depth look at some of the major differences between these voice over IP services. This research provides insight into what people need to know before choosing a particular VOIP phone service.

A major difference is the number of minutes used for making phone calls. The minimum number of free calls is three, whereas unlimited calls are available from some providers. Some phone service providers include a large number of extra features in the plans, which make them attractive to users. Such additional features include call recording, caller id, call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding and more.

Many phone users use their internet phone connection for calls, while others may use it only for receiving calls. Most internet phone plans include unlimited long distance calls, caller id, voice mail, speed dial, conference calls and more. Additional benefits offered include free ring tones, caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting. Some internet phone providers offer VoIP call plans for small offices, home offices and businesses. This plan is suitable for people who want to make low-cost local, STD or ISD calls.

One of the key benefits of internet phone services is the price, as they are considerably cheaper than normal landline calls. The rates are also competitive with those of cable, phone companies and mobile phone service providers. However, you have to consider the unlimited calls and monthly rentals charged by the VoIP service providers. This option is best for business owners, whose calls may be many in a day.

VoIP phone system installation requires an expert, as phone service providers charge an installation fee for any purpose. You should take the assistance of a professional for this job, as they are well equipped to install and configure a VoIP phone system. In addition, you should check whether your phone supports the latest VoIP technology.

As VoIP phones are gaining popularity, a number of online phone service providers have come up, offering competitive rates. It is advisable to opt for a low-rate plan, as the high VoIP rates can add up to the overall cost. Also, it is important to compare various phone service providers before choosing a VoIP phone system. For this purpose, you can make use of online comparison tools provided by leading phone service providers, to provide you with a simple comparison.

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