Hosted VOIP – Is it Right For Your Business?

VoIP is the future of voice and data communications. With VoIP technology you don’t have to own a server or purchase a dedicated line of equipment. You can get everything you need with a hosted VoIP service. Hosted VoIP is also referred to as cloud based VoIP or hosted VoIP for small business.

hosted voip

Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP, makes telephone calls via the Internet. Unlike traditional on-premise VoIP services, hosted VoIP gives your business full phone system access over the internet. All your phone numbers, extensions, and features are managed on a central server that is always available and ensures that your business receives the best quality phone system service. You don’t have to worry about poor phone connections or long distance charges.

The advantages of hosted voip for business phone system are many. One of the most obvious is the lack of upfront capital expenditure required by the provider. No upfront cost for installation or equipment is required by your hosted voip service provider. The cost savings begin immediately once your system starts making calls. There’s no more worrying about making those long distance calls. The ease of transferring long distance calls between phones is made easy, too.

A hosted voip solution can give your business a boost. With a hosted voip solution, you don’t have to upgrade or change your current hardware or software. You won’t have to hire a new staff member or buy additional equipment. Your service provider will take care of all these activities for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

One of the great things about hosted voip for business phone system is the fact that it works with any internet protocol (IP) based phone system. This means that you can integrate your hosted voip system with an existing PBX system, hosted voicemail, internet phone plans, hosted IP telephony service or call transfer applications. You can integrate your hosted voip solution into any of these systems as an integrated solution.

As most of us know, Voice over IP (VOIP) offers a higher quality of sound than traditional phone systems. With a hosted voip solution, you will have the ability to reduce your costs by eliminating or minimizing the usage of your phone line. In fact, a recent FCC study showed that residential consumers save nearly $1000 per year on their long distance and international calling expenses alone when they use a hosted voip service plan. This is the savings that are virtually untapped by most businesses today.

The second reason why switching to a VOIP service provider is vital is the fact that many phone companies charge more than they can in most instances. These phone companies are in business to make money and as a result they often charge subscribers extremely high rates. The average subscriber costs their business phone system provider, more than three times what they are paying for their home phone system. This is simply unfair and something that should be fixed. Switching to a cloud based communications provider will allow you to cut your phone bill in half, if not more.

A third reason why switching to cloud services is imperative for your business communications is because cloud providers offer the most robust telecom solutions around. The telecom capabilities offered by the cloud providers far exceed those offered by your current phone company. Unlike your local telecommunications provider who often has their services tied to your home telephone system, cloud based telecommunication providers offer mobile and IP unified communications. This means that you can have your hosted VOIP phone system on your laptop, so you can take it anywhere you go.

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