Information about VoIP products

What is VOIP ?

Voip means Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP-based network. Easier said; you can use your Internet connection to make a phone call. On this website you can find all information about the things you need to get started and which programs you can use to save money on domestic and international calls.

What do you need to use VoIP?

You need five things before you can start using VoIP. Remember that the quality of the phonecall will depend on the quality of the software (like Skype) and the hardware (pc, internet connection) you are using.

  • A computer, minimum requirements; 300 MHz processor, 128MB RAM and a soundcard
  • An Internet connection, preferably a broadband connection
  • A headphone or speakers
  • A microphone
  • Another possibility is to buy a headset where a microphone is integrated into the headset.
  • A VoIP software program